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Male Baldness is a common problem starting around the third decade of life.

Baldness Occurs due to permanent loss of hair roots. No amount of oil massage or medicines can put life back into the dead roots. Hair Transplant (HT) offers a scientific solution by implanting new hair roots.

Follicular Unit Extraction:-

This has been described as a Scar less Hair Transplant Procedure. Small punches of 1-1.5 mm are used to cut hair directly from the scalp and then implanted into the bald area. various donor areas such as the back of the head, chest hair, of the temple region, beard region can be used. This procedure is more time taking and generally limited to 800-1000 follicular units at a time. FUE is reserved for those who do not want a scar on the back of the head, or in those where sufficient scalp hair is not available. as the finest