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Hair Weaving

Hair weaving or braiding human or synthetic hair into existing natural hair, It is also known as hair integration. Hair weaving is an old term that is also known as hair replacement of non-surgical hair replacement. This is the only procedure that can provide a client with advanced hair loss the appearance of having a full head of hair. Hair weaving is suitable for both men and women, and does not cause any damage to the existing hair.

Hair weaving is the process of adding synthetic or human hair to natural hair stylish use the weaving method to add length or volume to natural hair.

Hair weaving is a safe and effective option for those patients doesn’t want to undergo any of the surgical procedures. We can cover large areas of the baldness within a few minutes with patches of hair. Which resemble your existing hair to the closest?

It is non-surgical technique, in which a pate is fixed on to your scalp & merged well with the existing hair. It can either be pasted with the help of glue or fixed with clips on to your scalp.

It’s look very natural but it is a wig only. It gives the some or fixed look every time and hence gives an artificial feeling of a wig. The fixing method sometimes can damage the underlying hair & can cause skin allergies hair weave is very general term used to describes human or artificial hair used to after one’s natural hair appearance by adding.