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Instant Inch & Weight Loss

Instant Face, Breast & Hips Lifting

Instant Inch & Weight Loss

You can reduce at excellent upto 5 kilos and 25 inches in just few sittings it not only treats the root cause of obesity.

Weight Loss

At Excellent you are first put through a body composition analysis which indicates your body mass, lean Body Weight Fat Content, targeted weight keeping your current height, weight and structure in mind post the analysis is you are counseled by a doctor and a dietician who help you understand your body dynamics and how you can alter your path when it comes to eating healthy. Post the counseling, a therapy programmed is custom made to your requirement a regime is chalked out under able guidance to achieve the weight parameters that act constant monitoring and treatment that weight loss is achievable and not a distant dream.

Body Toning / Inch Loss

Seaweed body toning wrap discover why those who have experienced this treatment look like they don’t need it a combination of potent body toners including marine wrap , sea slough thigh solution the results a more streamlined shape smoother texture decreased appearance of lumps , bumps and dimpling

The guest for physical perfection takes many forms diets and exercise are unable to achieve the results , either because of loose skin or stubborn fat pockets body contouring